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From start to finish, we spend at least 60 hours with each couple who chooses to entrust Ahava Studios with their wedding photography.


From chatting on the phone to emailing to helping decide whether periwinkle or navy is better for the bridesmaids, to processing all of your images lovingly by hand, and then crafting your wedding album and package – we're here for you. 

the experience

Your wedding planner and wedding photographer are two of the most important wedding vendors.

Long after your wedding day has faded, there are few tangible memories of your day – each other, wedding rings and your wedding photographs.

You are not just hiring a photographer for yourself and your partner.


Your wedding photographer is for your children, if you're blessed to become parents. For your nieces and nephews who may not be your own, but love you like a second momma.


Your wedding photographer is for your loved ones unable to make it. A quality wedding photographer will be able to transport you back to the day through their work - you want the warmth in your images to be almost physically felt.

Your wedding photographer is for the hope of the future. Your grandchildren will someday come across these images while going through an old box or a photo album. As your great-granddaughter looks through those images, will she see herself in you?

Your wedding photographer is for your guests. The ones who never dance. The ones that flew thousands of miles and are SO excited to see you. That couple slow dancing in the corner of the room, away from the hustle and bustle.

Finding a wedding photographer you connect with is the key to truly authentic imagery.

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