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Time makes you older, but not any less beautiful.

It is both humbling and powerful to photograph a woman who doesn't think she's enough. Skinny enough. Beautiful enough. Tall enough. Healthy enough.  


Boudoir Photography isn't sexy portraits of your body. Boudoir is uncovering that inner beauty we hide in ourselves and convincing it to come out to play while capturing the incredible effect it has on your outer beauty.


Your beauty is not just physical. It's emotional and spiritual. A photograph is one of the most powerful weapons. It can invoke a memory; a feeling of happiness or great sorrow. A decision - a turning point in your life - a 'remember when' for those days in the future when we lament about we 'had it so good.'


I produce a a true, striking, real portrait of what everyone else sees in you, but we can never see ourselves and that is an amazing gift and life-changing experience.



Most boudoir clients invest $1000-$1500 in boudoir with Ahava Studios and come away

with a tangible product.

A few times a year we hold 'mini marathons' with shorter sessions at a discounted rate. Email us to get put on the waitlist. 

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